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If a career in audio is music to your ears, you're going to love the sound of our internationally accredited audio courses which offer an immersive, hands-on experience.

At SAE you won’t find yourself in a lecture with 300 people or even in a traditional lecture at all. You’ll be in a studio environment amplifying your talents using cutting-edge equipment like Neve, SSL, or an Audient console, while gaining proficiencies on software including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live.

Your growth and development will be assessed through the completion of industry-based projects, not theoretically based essays. This will ultimately help you build up a body of work and portfolio to share with potential employers or first client.

In preparation for an industry that commands agility and adaptability, you’ll cut your creative teeth on projects initially in partnership with your course peers. As your skills develop and you work on more dynamic projects, you’ll apply your capabilities on cross-discipline projects. By the end of your course, you could be collaborating with fellow students across SAE’s global network.

Ultimately, this is all about a qualification that will expand your career. There is work placement as part of your course (Bachelor only), to provide practical experience and help build your network. We’ll also equip you with employability skills, giving you professional strategies in communication and self-promotion.

Once complete, you’ll have just what you need to mix it with the best.

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